Sunday, September 6, 2015

My home is my heart (#2410)

Don't get me wrong, I love that my mind works as it does, full of curiosity about all things and relentless to accumulate knowledge but if there is one place inside me that settles my whole being it is my heart for life and things. I know how ever changing my situation can be as we all find out soon enough. Yet how I feel inside me is the one constant that change has little effect on. Surely I do live with a roller coaster of emotions but how my love for things is felt is never changing. There is a solemnity or serenity to the emotional uplift I feel when love occurs. Not just for a mate but for those who find a bind to me that is unexplainable. I can best describe it with the example of a pet. There are some animals that have come into my life that connect with me in a way that reflects their desperation to be wanted and cared for. It seems I end up with those animals that have been discarded or overlooked. Which is great for me since I get to have in my life a friendship of sorts that is true and of value. Because they glom onto me with such a need to be connected. For me it is a perfect situation since I have all this giving inside me to share. I was communicating earlier with someone about how our animals came to us skittish and insecure but after time now they feel like they belong and have a home. It is so satisfying to see the transformation from unwanted low esteem to happy and confident. The time I put into keeping my pets loved and cared for pays off with a loyalty and love they return in so much more quantity than I had expected. Truth be, I find that my pets are a better example of living life with a graceful humility and dignity than I do. It isn't only the other species of animals that amaze and fill me with joy. Other human beings come across my path and warm the depth of my heart with their generosity of good spirit. My heart is where I live and no matter where I go I am always home.

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