Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The manifestation of hate (#2420)

Hate has many appearances. It isn't just the shouting slurring shaming cussing individual who is most identified as hateful. It is the person who is ambivalent toward the misery of others. It is the person who thinks that the color of one's skin is a determining factor in evaluating one's character. It is the person who thinks that one gender of our species is less than the other gender of our species. It is the person who thinks that wealth and it's accumulation is a greater goal than helping the poor and needy. I could go on for days with examples but hate is not so visible in the traditional sense until we start to label it's actions. Hate is shown when one religious sect of belief discards another religious sect of belief based upon culture and geography. Hate is shown when one group of people unlawfully decide that another group of people are not worthy of participating in our democracy. Hate is when the care and survival of our weakest citizens is seen as an enabling act that should be terminated. Hate is shown when we decide that profit is to be worshipped over and above education, health and nutrition. Hate is when the needs of the few are given greater priority than the needs of the many. Hate is when we look down upon the very souls who risked their lives to keep us safe. Hate is the constant attempt to bully others through force when listening and understanding is available. Hate is when the cost of death is weighed by perception instead of reality. Hate is when the ego of a few cannot abide the rights of all others. Hate is selfishness, greed and lust for all that there is to the point of nothing left for others. Hate is the admiration of those same selfish, greedy, lusty unconscionable souls. Hate is when one decides he/she is better than another. Hate is the seed of a mental illness that must be addressed and cured. Hate is a way of life for too many and the time to stop the haters is now!

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