Friday, September 25, 2015

The two foot drop (#2429)

I got this concept from a self help group that aimed to make me realize that it isn't just with my head that I decide how my life will be but it is in conjunction with my heart. Recently I wrote about the cold hardness of logic when it is applied without humanity. Well this is just a continuation of that theme. The heart, or our compassion is the filter by which we must judge all things. This is who we are as human beings. We are not some automaton that only deals in logic. We have our intuition and our care for all the amazing living species, not just our own but all that we encounter in different forms. We are born with emotion as part of who we are. This emotion is grounded in our ability to "feel" the gamut of pain and pleasure. This is a unique quality for us humans, in that many other species also feel emotion but we have out paced them toward combining our curiosity with our compassion. Our human evolution has taken us from the early discovery of fire and it's uses to our present day understanding of space and time. None of it occurs unless we had the ability to not only think but to also feel. The distance between our minds and our hearts is approximately two feet thus the phrase, the two foot drop. It is when we fail to realize that our minds full of logic must filter through our hearts is when we begin to lose the magic of our uniquely human advancement. Advancing we are doing regardless of those who wish to have none of it. Time and space are in a constant flux of change and we are subject to those changes so no amount of ignoring or refusing to accept reality will change that. So for us to keep pace with our destiny of curiosity and compassion, we must combine the two in ways that are not only the best of who are but the best of who can become.

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