Monday, November 2, 2015

Life is an adventure, not an accumulation (#2467)

Why do we forget this? Life is an adventure to be lived not some race to accumulate! What good does it do a person to shelter themselves in some safe harbor if all they are doing is hiding from life? Life is the reason we are here. We have all these individual abilities, everyone of us, that not experiencing them is against our very nature. I know we all get tired from the struggle and we want to prepare ourselves a comfortable respite. but that should not be our goal, it should just be a byproduct of how we live. A now deceased friend of mine used to say all the time that he could have lost everything and left with walking down the street in just his underwear and he would be fine. It is that type of mentality that I have adopted myself. The trappings of accumulation are not what defines me but rather the character and personality I have evolved. I could pick up today and leave for anywhere in the world and not have a care about it. I would have to take my two little animals with me but most everything I have is not enough of an anchor for me not to pick up and go. It is funny that what I would miss the most are the friendships I have worked to attain. But like all things friendships can also be made anywhere I go. I suppose I know this from all the moving we did during my formative years. Despite having to start over several times as a child I learned to do it quickly and effectively. Our society has become this great machine that we feel as if we are not able to break from but we can and should when the point of it doesn't help us along in our natures to enjoy and experience our lives. What this has reminded me of today is that I have stuff I never use and it is time to go down to the local food bank and donate clothes so that some in need person can have something decent to wear.

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