Friday, November 6, 2015

Quitters don't win (#2471)

Even when the reality seems unfavorable, quitting on whatever it is I had set my sights on is not how to succeed. I may lose or not fulfill my quest, whatever it may be but giving up takes all doubt away as to the final result, which is defeat. There is one thing about me that is indomitable. I may not win at whatever I have set my mind to but I know I am right about it regardless of outcome. I only back hopes or visions that are positive and helpful so that my energy and effort at making them come true are solid and determined. I don't give up just because things aren't going my way. Instead I fight the good fight with all I have until I can no longer breathe. Such is my life when it comes to honor and respect. I am not perfect nor most effective at all times but my resolve and my momentum will not be swayed. I know that outcomes can become very disheartening and even seem impossible but I am not a quitter, nor am I one to sit about with a woe is me attitude. Instead I am a bulwark for whatever progress I have set myself to represent. I may be beaten down 100 times before I finally succeed but that only makes the victory that much sweeter. When you know you are right about something and you persevere at it, being defeated or failing to succeed is only fuel to the fire to keep going. Eventually right will succeed if we don't quit on it. I have quit before so I know the nothing that accomplishes. I have also felt the sting of rebuke in utterly unfathomable ways and instead of being crushed by how a devastating defeat may feel I allow myself a moment to rebuild my momentum and then head right back out defending and advocating for what I still know is right. I cannot quit on what is right and accept what isn't. That is not in my nature nor is it naturally in anyone else's either. We are human beings capable of majestic things and quitting isn't part of any majesty that I know.

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