Friday, November 27, 2015

Republicans do not understand how facts work or they just don't care to use them correctly (#2492)

I have been amusing myself, since I have grown immune to the despair that I normally feel when someone is a conservative Republican and not able to understand logic, by interacting with some real uniformed right wingers. If they didn't have their hate for our President or for the merits of liberal/progressivism I don't know how they would function at all. Although on second thought, they do know greed so maybe being a survival of the fittest devotee in a free market system is how they function to survive. I say amuse myself but only in the thinnest of a veneer way. Instead of being comprehensive and cognitive of the words they use to defend the policies, or lack thereof they are promoting or disapproving, they throw bits and pieces of illogic out and call it complete. Well I am not completed by innuendo nor am I completed by fallacy. Yet they stand up for it and defend the lack of merit they are unable to grasp. To me they are the ones who took the shortcut to reasoning and instead just follow along some cliff notes that they are unwilling to verify through rigorous research. Such is the way with those who like to think they know things and then parrot off some bits and pieces of that fit their narrative. This example reminds me of the scene in "Good Will Hunting" where Matt Damon's character not only confronts the obnoxious condescending grad student in the bar but schools him on his plagiarism as his own original thought. It seems that the right wing conservative/libertarian Republican party is full of short cutters who want to sound pious and full of gravitas while actually being wholly shallow straw men. There is no nobility, nor pride in a good way, of one's actions when it is not of there own thinking nor their own understanding. Such is the Republican party of today and we are all worse off for it.

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