Sunday, November 22, 2015

The poorest among us are not the problem (#2487)

The wealthy have turned a dirty trick on most of us. They keep our wages down so that when we see those folks who are in need of public assistance, workers get angry at them for having some of the things the workers have to toil for. The problem here though isn't that folks need help it is that the wealthy keep workers in a low standard of living. It is the wealthy who are hoarding and hogging all the profits off of business instead of sharing the wealth with it's hired hands. The destruction of unions and collective bargaining have allowed the wealthy to dictate what workers wages are and with so many still out of work or working lesser paying jobs, the greater competition for a decent wage forces workers to accept even less for the same work as before unions and collective bargaining were crushed. The wealthy and their Republican political party have brought this about and that they get workers to vote for them because workers are angry at the less fortunate, (ie..greedy freeloaders off of Democrat social programs) is a bonus Republicans are giddy about. I don't know how much longer workers will remain fooled by this sleight of hand by the wealthy but for now it is working. People like me who see the dastardly duplicity Republicans have pulled on the working class are required as a duty to scream it out to the world to see. The wealthy have created the greatest income inequality our history has ever seen yet they get those who are unfairly affected by it to blame the even more less well off. It is sad to see that the deception the wealthy and Republicans have turned into a cruel success is so ingrained now with the working class. We working class are being paid less and less and the wealthy are acquiring more and more wealth yet we blame the poorest among us for it. How sad indeed and how utterly cowardly of we workers who cannot nor will not see the truth of what is going on. I suppose workers condescending to the most vulnerable in our society is better than standing up to the most despicable in our society. What the hell does that say about us workers?

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