Wednesday, November 4, 2015

To vote is to take a stand (#2469)

It seems that there are people out there who are more interested in intimidating other people not to vote. They use tactics that are fear based. Intimidation in order to keep the status quo from changing. Well I know how hard it is to make your desire known to vote when there is a consequence that is real and threatening. I can understand why some are not willing to exercise their right to vote because the cost is too fearful. I get that. But there will come a time when fear will have to take a back seat to courage and a come what may attitude. Eventually we all must face our fears and how we do that will define our lives and the lives of those who would emulate us. The right to vote is enshrined in our laws and no amount of direct or indirect intimidation should ever prevail over it. Much of our livelihoods depend on our associations and it is through these associations we are pushed and pulled to only advance by conforming. I get that also. In a real sense we may tell ourselves that our one vote is hardly worth the hardship it may bring upon us so we just don't vote. Here's the deal though, too many others are doing the same thing and whether it is difficult to vote or we are intimidated not to vote, the stench of it lives within us. Not doing our duty to fulfill what it is to be a citizen of our country because we are too busy or too afraid to vote is the downfall of our society, not some attack from without. Eventually we will hit the tipping point in our own lives where we finally win wrestling match with ourselves over whether fear or courage is our legacy. What good is our life if we are less than worthy? Are we okay with being ostrich like and burying our heads in the sand when danger approaches to save what little we have sold our souls for? Nothing replaces the fear in our lives like taking a stand and letting come what may!

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