Tuesday, November 10, 2015

We baby boomers (#2475)

Those of us born between the years 1946-1965 are the baby boomers. Our best memories are behind us but our best abilities are ahead of us. Not in a physical sense of our own power but of the leadership role we all are able to wield. Our hopes and dreams of our youth are now in a position to be realized. We just have to remember their priority and then accept that what we thought back then in our youthful hubristic days is the real deal for life. The greatest challenge of our generation back when we were young was finding peace in the world and eliminating poverty. We know the causes, racism, inequality and too many sociopathic tendencies among our elected and capitalistic leaders. We can create laws that deal with any form of racism because we know what the ideal is, to give everyone an opportunity. We can end poverty by giving living wages as a baseline and paying for merit according to it's function. Our greatest challenge though is eliminating those who would lead us that have such a disdain for human life. Regardless of party of politics, no politician or wealthy capitalist should be allowed to denigrate one faction of our society over another. We boomers are in a position of high influence, now is our time to put a stamp on our amazing vision for the present and future. In all walks of life our example should remain consistent. We are not about vainglory or obscene wealth, we are about making our society function for all of us out of a sense of duty to each other. Peace and prosperity has been the clarion call of our generation and we are now in position to answer that call and create results. Let us not forget what drives who we are as a generation nor let us not forget the mighty vision we have that is especially ordained just to us and those who now follow us to remedy.

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