Saturday, November 21, 2015

We must never lose our comprehensive perspective (#2486)

Comprehensive perspective, a wide mental grasp of most or all things. This is what we are capable of as human beings. We should strive to be nothing less than a being that can take in the whole panoramic view and then analyze, reason and conclude for our present and future. The current refugee crisis that we have helped to create by through our foreign policies gives us a chance to exhibit our grasp of most or all things by doing our part to help alleviate the regional displacement of Syrian, Iraqi and Afghani families. Furthermore, as Americans, who for the most part are immigrants ourselves, should welcome this new opportunity to add to our "melting pot" heritage. America is the cauldron that boils out our differences in order to give us liberty and freedom to become more enlightened. We don't have to live under the myths, mores and superstitions of the past if we so choose. Adding the mostly Syrian refugees to our open culture will allow them to add to us and inversely receive from us. We must not allow Republicans to demonize others because Republicans see an advantage in making us afraid. We need to welcome the refugees and allow them to see what it is about America that we fight so hard to protect. In time they will love our democracy as much as we do and will fight just as hard to protect it. We are undergoing an internal attack on our democracy by the Republican party and their wealthy donors but putting that aside for now, the refugees deserve to have a life like the rest of us that allows us to protect them from the worst of what is out in the world. Nothing is easy or black and white, yet we do know the difference between right and wrong and allowing the refugees to assimilate within our society is just part of who we are as Americans since the founding of our country.

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