Thursday, November 26, 2015

When the white race here in America refuses to acknowledge the effects of slavery from our past (#2491)

There is so much push back from the new confederates of the Republican party who are flailingly trying to blame black folks for the current racial tensions. Sure black folks are out there protesting the disproportionate killing and maiming of their race at the hands of the police and vigilantes. That is right of them to stand up to injustice especially since it is being tolerated and even accepted as reasonable by the Republican party and it's sub base of confederate apologists. I am even getting illogical arguments back to me about how the black folks are the real agitators and they are the threat. It seems to me that if someone had no idea that slavery was law here in America for over 300 years and that even after the Civil war, and the reconstruction period of about 12 years, slavery just transformed from outright ownership of black folks to them being relegated to second class citizens and still being treated as a plague. The new confederates of the Republican party do not see black folks as equal in our democratic society and the Republican party does not dissuade them. Instead the Republican party has embraced these new confederate Republicans as well within their agenda of maintaining a white majority through law and strong armed tactics. I hear these new confederate Republicans complain that the black folks are the ones who are stirring and creating racial discord. As if it isn't black protesters being shot or black folks being murdered, when that is exactly what is happening. In the view of these new confederate Republicans any protest by black folks against white folks is an attack on white folks, not a cry for justice in an often unjust reality. The ignorance or cognitive dissonance it must take for white folks to ignore history and the present to complain about themselves being victims is monumentally absurd. We white folks did and are still doing horrible things to black folks and yet we still continue to deny we are the problem.

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