Sunday, December 27, 2015

Austerity and small government for the poor, tax cuts and deregulation for the wealthy (#2522)

The republican agenda for America. Make life hard for the many, you know, more of the whip and no carrot, while giving the few all the privileges and advantages they can create. How much longer will we majority of people, the poor, let the wealthy and their republican party control us? Money does not make for wisdom nor does it make for intelligence. The only thing the wealthy can do is buy things most all of us cannot. Do they deserve to some merit for their abilities, of course, but not as a means for subduing nor harming the rest of us. The few wealthy who despite their wealth work to create a better world for all of us and not just some of us have my undying gratitude and something most wealthy and no republican will ever have, my respect. Even as republicans blame democrats for failures within austerity and small government, which is ironic and wholly wrong headed, it is democrats through progressivism and liberalism that are working to benefit all. If you don't pay attention to politics and are unsure about who is actually working to help who, think of it this way. Republicans are never ending toward cutting taxes and giving tax breaks to the wealthy. Democrats are never ending to build up social programs that help all of us while working toward creating greater job opportunities. Research these points about each party and then make up your own mind about which party is helping the wealthy and which is helping the rest of us. Politics should be about making our nation stronger and more opportune for everyone. Everything else is less important and just window dressing or distractions from the main thrust of who is accumulating all the money within our society. If you can see that the current historic wide income inequality is a scourge then you are well on your way to supporting the democratic party. If however you think the wealthy need more and the rest of us need less then sadly you belong in the republican party.

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