Monday, December 21, 2015

Beholden to those who would punish you (#2516)

We liberals often wonder why you poor and middle class conservative voters are so ingrained with voting against your own interests. It is as if you feel the need to be punished for some philosophical or imagined transgression. We all make mistakes and that is all of us, yet we move on and do better as our price within the law prescribes. So the need to be punished beyond where the law has any jurisdiction is a self-imposed one. What I will say here is that none of us is beyond redemption. That being said, when we cannot or will not allow ourselves to be redeemed we are more likely to be beholden to those who would punish us. Let me be clear, all of us are magnificent human beings in the full scope of our existence. If not for forces that push and pull us in directions often where mistakes can be made we would most likely live out purposeful lives. So thinking along that vein, it is important to rise above the ridiculousness of forced survival decisions and remember that none of us is perfect yet we are all capable of being close to it. In summary, none of us deserves to be punished by those who are willing to do so. The law may require it, but outside of that there is no other reason. So those who would punish us need to be stopped and forced to face their own inadequacies. I am beholden to those who help me, not hurt me. I feel that being a part of existence is just as much my right as it is anyone else's. I will not accept being punished just for being alive and wanting to change the world to a place where there is less harm and less suffering. This is why I rail so much against the hatred of the Republican party. They see themselves as condescenders and the judges of others. Which would make their followers beholden to them. As a reward they receive punishment and the promise of more. That is no life to live when imagining a purposeful life.

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