Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Bleeding heart liberals or the devil, you can't have it both ways confederates! (#2510)

I am amused by the comparisons coming from the right wing confederates in the Republican party. They want to portray liberals as sensitive types who can only see the good in people while at the same time calling us the worst of people who are out to destroy mankind. While it may be popular among the confederates to say this to themselves it is nonsense to the rest of us. Trying to paint us as being at both ends of an extreme human behavior at the same time is illogical. The real place that our behavior resides is at the bleeding heart end. I know the confederates see this as a weakness among us but what they fail to understand is that we actually care about all of humanity, not just the part of humanity that they accept while discarding the rest. We don't tolerate bias, bigotry nor prejudice. These are tools of division and condescension. We don't tolerate bullying when debate is available and is not utilized, nor do we tolerate bullying when debate has been lost. We don't tolerate ignorance when it reaches it's pitiful head out to affect others who wish no part in it. We don't tolerate the confederate mindset of a survival of the fittest paradigm where just being alive is detriment to in a system that is unequal and inopportune. We don't tolerate destruction for the sake of profit when souls are used as disposable resources. The real idea of a bad entity resides in the confederate mindset of the Republican party. It is a tragedy to realize that those who think that others are not as good as themselves are actually the ones who have the low self esteem issues. We liberals realize that we all are worthy of something greater than ourselves and we are trying our hardest to bring about a society where promise and opportunity have a place with all of us. Unlike the confederates who can only see the devil in the do gooders.

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