Sunday, December 6, 2015

How many people must needlessly die before we admit we are wrong? (#2501)

I have been paying close attention to the recent debate about guns and the lack of many controls to keep them from the dangerous and mentally unstable. It seems that those who cherish having a weapon care more for their right than they do about needless and senseless death from those very same weapons. The contradiction is blaring in that these absolute gun right protectors use the logic that they need their weapons without regulation to protect themselves from those who have them illegally or are too unstable to use them responsibly. It is illogical to think that a responsible gun owner would have to worry about regulations tailored to keep weapons out of the arms of the irresponsible. Yet this is where we are in the current debate and too many responsible gun owners are now in the position of protecting the right of the irresponsible to own and carry weapons. In the meantime an epidemic of mass shootings continue on almost a weekly to daily basis. So my question continues to remain how many people will needlessly die before we admit we are wrong about protecting the rights of the irresponsible and mentally ill people having the right to obtain and carry weapons? It has been obvious for years we need to do more to protect the innocent in our nation from the bad intent of murderous souls yet because of the responsible gun owners and their lobbyists we are unable to get our politicians to address a serious debate about what we can do to protect society at large. I put the blame of this on the responsible gun owners who are not advocating enough to their politicians to enact gun regulation where we can in order to keep the irresponsible and mentally deranged from possessing weapons. Instead of making this a partisan issue that only benefits weapons manufacturers, let's make this what it really is, a people issue, and stop where we can the continued deaths of those who are the victims of weapon violence.

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