Thursday, December 31, 2015

I am a patriot for democracy (#2526)

If you ask me my favorite day for recognizing something I would say the fourth of July. Why? Because it represents the beginning of democracy in America. Democracy is an old form of government that was used by the ancient Greeks as a template in how to create a government by the people for the people. We Americans have been refining our initial beginning of democracy for over 239 years since declaring our independence from Britain. Yet as we continue to refine our government we have those within our government who do not place democracy above all other forms of political rule. We have many of the wealthy who are trying to take our own person one vote and turn it into something radically different by wrongly hypothesizing that corporations are people and that only those who own property should be allowed to vote. By tying in economic factors to our ability to have a say in our representation, the wealthy hope to secure greater control over dismantling democratic policies. The wealthy in our nation hold that capitalism has a greater priority in our society than equality, justice, opportunity and fairness. This survival of the fittest and selfishness of the individual are considered virtues to many in the republican party, who speak politically on behalf of the wealthy. I bring up in the title of this blog post the fact that I am a patriot for democracy because it is democracy that is being subverted by the wealthy. From voter rights being taken away to women treated as lesser than men to the old, children and the poor being shoved aside to keep the profit margins large for those wealthy who benefit. I am appalled at how much the wealthy have lost their souls and their ability to appreciate the very democracy that gave them their successes. Their condescension is illogical and although real to them, it is hypocritical and harmful to most all others within our country.

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