Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I dream of a better world (#2504)

I suppose it is easier for those of us who have had little in life to dream of wanting something better. It isn't dreaming just for myself that I dream of something better but I dream about a better world for all of us. Yes, even those who have plenty. Because this great wall of income inequality that is our current status is keeping us from each other. The wealthy barricade themselves in communities that exclude those who are not wealthy and the poor are left with complaining about the lack of resources or the fear of racial differences. There can be a better way. We don't need the wealthy continuing on the trajectory of accumulating all the wealth for themselves. There can be a better distribution process where we all profit off of our efforts in a more logical and merit based way. I dream of a world where hungry adults and children are not the normal but if anything are the rare exception. I dream of a world where education is not something that is a social selection process but instead a paradigm where all can participate for the full extent of their life if they so desire. I dream of a world where prejudice and ignorance are shunned to humiliation. No amount of bias or condescension should be acceptable behavior. I dream of a world where advantage and privilege are never part of a consideration for who deserves opportunities in life. I dream of a world where poverty is not acceptable by all of us not just by those of us who are mired in it. I dream of a world where we celebrate creativity and innovation as a greater achievement than merely accumulating wealth. I dream of a world where The kindness of heart overrules the hate of intolerance. I dream of a world where we celebrate national and international goals that move the human species forward toward conquering the unknown, and satisfying our never ending quest to understand the why and the how of our existence through the logic and science we continue to realize. I dream of a better world...

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