Thursday, December 3, 2015

Knowledge is power (#2498)

For those who refuse to keep learning a dark future lies ahead. Knowledge is ever changing and for one to keep up with new advances and history repeating itself it is vital that we know how our society operates. It isn't enough just to finish school and go on to make our own way financially in the world. We must understand how society is most efficient under the governance of democracy. Without a government that equally protects it's citizens from harm, our government is not a democracy. If it is not a democracy then what is it? Would we know how to define it on our own or would we need to learn how and why different types of governments exist. Should we have easily available access to higher education? Should we value our teachers as some of our most important human resources? Our nation can be whatever we want it to be but we have to know what is possible. That is where knowledge comes in. We cannot rely upon politicians to lead us in this current paradigm of elections that are rigged to only allow certain types of people to run in an effective way. The prohibitive cost to running for public office is not democratic yet we cannot seem to get our elected officials to make the proper legal corrections. However, Democrats are trying to get public financing of elections as the process for participation and inclusion of anyone with a platform of ideas to share and possibly win an election. Republicans are not going to change the status quo of big money elections since they are the ones protecting the big money candidates. Knowledge is power and knowing that Republicans are the party of the wealthy while also knowing that Democrats are the party of everyone else is crucial to knowing how to disseminate information properly and rightly for the most efficient and beneficial effect.

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