Monday, December 14, 2015

Knowledge is wealth (#2509)

I know that when you need to buy a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread, money is what is needed but in order to get money the more knowledge you have the more likely you are to get money. It is that simple. Of course there are other ways of obtaining money, such as inheritance and something like a lottery/gambling but those are less likely for the majority of us who need to survive day to day. So the best course to follow is to work where you can while improving your options with continued education. However it has to happen we must never stop learning. Most of us are content with having enough money to pay our bills while upgrading our lives in moderate ways. Since money really is a finite commodity exchange unit, it behooves us not to hoard money that could otherwise be spread out into our economy for others to obtain and spend. That we have several hundred ultra wealthy hoarding money outside our consumer spending cycle is not good and is actually harmful. I can only suppose those ultra wealthy have an agenda outside of America having a healthy and growing economy for all of it's citizens. I know these ultra wealthy are not ignorant to the cause and effect of their actions so me knowing this may not put money in my wallet but it does show that my knowledge of their acts is keen and conclusive. So what to do with this knowledgeable wealth? What I can is all. I trumpet income inequality as it exists today and I call for programs and policies aimed at stopping and reversing out of control wealth accumulation. I know of no other way to bring our society back into a balance where all of us have an opportunity to succeed whereas now most of us are not having opportunities to succeed, but instead are faced with finding ways just to survive on a daily basis for ourselves and our families.

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