Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Punishing the hopeless is a Republican strategy (#2517)

Because don't you know it is your fault if you are not successful. So if you are hungry, tired, sick, homeless or any other malady our society seems willing to let exist it is your own fault, at least according to Republicans. So instead of addressing the harmful effects from capitalism with social programs aimed at creating a floor by which no human being should fall below, Republicans are insisting that no floor exist and if you fall into despair you are not worth any effort to reestablish. A policy of tough love in every way imaginable. All the while the system of our particular capitalism is rigged to only benefit those who are either born into wealth, or much less likely, are somehow able to navigate or manipulate the barriers to economic success. The idea that we all have an equal shot at the "American dream" is only an idea. The reality is that most of us are never going to realize economic success in the current system of capitalization. To capitalize on our efforts the barriers are so insurmountable that those who are already wealthy determine if we are to be successful based upon what they get out of our efforts. To say the system is rigged is equal to our needing air to breathe in order to live. So a new paradigm of how we do capitalism in the world is needed. Because the hopeless are not who are at fault. The fault lies in the idea that we all have the same opportunities because we don't. We don't! So punishing the unfortunate in a system that produces massive amounts of unfortunates is wrong headed and sociopathic/psychopathic in nature. Why the Republican party would subscribe pain as a solution to despair should speak volumes about their nature.

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