Thursday, December 24, 2015

Reversing income inequality (#2519)

We are like the frogs in the pot of water that is slowly heating up. We don't recognize that the water is getting hotter and hotter until the time comes when it boils and we are all cooked. Income inequality is a lot like that. We don't recognize that we should be doing better because we can't see how income inequality is affecting everyone, instead of just ourselves. Surely we see that there is less money to be made but we chalk that up to the Republican lies of immigrants stealing our jobs or that too much regulation is hurting business. The media plays it's part since the media is mostly owned by the wealthy who would not want any of us to know that they are getting a greater and greater share of all profits earned. But when you see for yourself the data that is irrefutable showing that the wealthy have the greatest growth in income while the non-wealthy have stagnated income, you begin to see that as the many get poorer and the few get richer, a major imbalance in our economic society is about to implode: So those of us frogs who were insightful enough to have a temperature gauge with us while we are in the pot of water, we recognize that we will be boiled soon enough if we don't stop the heat from growing or just jump out of the pot of water. We are at that threshold now. So the boiling frogs metaphor teaches us that we are the ones who must stop ourselves from being cooked. I sound this alarm often enough and maybe by now you have just relegated me to being an alarmist or someone who isn't aware of all the facts. Well, I say this, if you don't care to see that you are being cooked then by all means don't pay attention to me or any other soul who sees the same event occurring.

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