Thursday, December 17, 2015

The angst of negativity (#2512)

Negativity bears cynicism and living in such a paradigm is regressive. I have had enough of those who would put down anything that denies modernity or progressive values. There are some real cowards out there who are not given to cowering as a reflection of their inner failing, instead they lash out at those who would be brave and instigate any and all illogic to foment derision as a reminder of their inability to be honorable. I have seen enough of it to understand its genesis. The whole of the Universe is in angst when the best of who we are as humans is being forgotten and replaced with some of the worst that we have ever been. Modernity and progressivism would propel us into the right frame of living if only the cowards would stop their thrashing about in their insecurities. It is unfortunate that the psychopaths/sociopaths are part of this cowardly cabal and as such have made their fortunes off the backs of those many humans they care nothing about. Wealth in our nation is seen and used as economic and political power and until wealth can be broken away from the dominion they now control we will continue to be shackled and fettered by their chaotic lack of courage. Our species is being tested of its mettle and so far we are not passing the test as we should. The greater part of who we are is being stifled and ignored in the face of the cowards and their onslaught of fear. Eventually we humans will have to find it within ourselves to move beyond negativity and instead embrace optimism and it's hope for the best of who we are. The nature of our society of humans demands that we allay the fears of the past in order to courageously face the challenges of the future. The angst within the Universe will lessen as our courage continues to mature.

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