Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The challenge of the idiocracy (#2503)

The idiocracy are those who continue to deny the existence of reality in order to further their own personal or economic interest. You should know them rather well as Republicans. Yes, there are a few Democrats in their but overwhelmingly they are the base of the confederate leaning Republican party. Where they deny climate change as a threat to our very existence, claiming that science and fact are junk and not real. Where they continue to deny racism or claim that racism is aimed at them. Which for me is a classic example of cognitive dissonance, or in a layman term, dissociative hypocrisy . Where they base their lives on a belief system to the point of ignoring human nature and our very real environment. At a cost to progress and modernization coupled with our unique human ability to create and innovate. Where intelligence must not be allowed to disrupt any illogical machination that has to do with the greatest profit possible, despite the harm to those lives who are the engine of that profit making scheme. Where the only form of diplomacy is surrender or a brutal attack will ensue. Where women are treated as less human than their male counterparts. The idea that a woman hasn't the same rights as a man contradicts the doctrine of democracy and the principles of liberty, freedom and equality. Where they see no value in protecting the vulnerable among us and in fact would rather the vulnerable die off as a consequence of their distorted survival of the fittest ideology. The idiocracy that is the Republican party has no moral compass other than profit and if they must lie, cheat and steal in all paradigms to protect profit then that will be the course. These idiots are about to destroy not only our country with their wanton uncontrolled greed but they are on the verge of destroy our planet for living creatures such as ourselves.

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