Friday, December 18, 2015

We are not here just to make money! (#2513)

I know for a fact that we were not born onto this planet for the sole purpose of making money. This incredible trap we are all caught in is squeezing all purpose from our lives. Commerce and economics are not our purpose for living. No one knows exactly what our purpose for living is but it isn't just to be part of a machine that cranks out profit for so very few at the expense of the time of so many. We have an economy that should be inclusive so that we humans have some busy work in our lives. We cannot all just sit around and do nothing so we devised a social and economic order that encompasses barter for goods. Fine and well enough, however that is not the end of it. I was not born just to live a life of low expectation. I want our species to move out into the universe. The last great manifest destiny that truly represents the nature of our species. I have said this hundreds of times and again I will say it here, Our natures are two dominant ones, to care about each other and to wonder about everything else. Our curiosity needs to be fed and that feeding now is out beyond our planet. The we care about each other part is being stifled by those jack booted selfish ones who have somehow ordained themselves as above the rest of us. So we have two direct problems facing our species, first we need to focus our attention on what is available to define as our purpose, which is to explore that which we may. Second, we need to stop treating each other as resources and instead treat each other with dignity and respect. That we are caught up in the cycle of profit above people must end. It has no value to the overall direction of where our species is going. Only the fearful create distractions from our destiny to know and as such we are stuck in the middle of that fear for how long I am not sure.

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I would say you have put a lot of philosophical subjects in a small space, but it makes a very good to do list for reasonable people.