Friday, December 25, 2015

We should be kind every day (#2520)

We should be kind every day is not just some random good will cheer, It is what should be our foundation for living. Not just with each other but with all the species on this planet. December 25th of all days has become the example of how we should live our lives. An expectation of warmth and goodness is the prevailing sentiment and that we can't seem to expand this great notion beyond this day with the same enthusiasm is unfortunate. It is as if cynicism has won over too many and the idea of being kind year round sounds or seems ludicrous. Well I for one find that being kind is a strength that is underappreciated. Being kind as a general rule shows great wisdom and maturity. It is easy being selfish and although it pricks at our conscience being brutish is almost as easy as well. So the difficulty there is in being kind instead takes an inner fortitude steeped in conviction and resolve. One has to make the decision to be kind and try to see the bright side of every thing that comes along. I know the difficulties that being kind present. First, the kindness is often seen as a weakness by lesser mortals and they are like vultures at times and attack with a ravenous intent. Second, being kind often is a tool that others seek out in you in order to further their own agenda. We have to be able to mete out our kindness to those who are in need of it, not those waiting to abuse or use it for any other intent than to be blessed. The kindness that comes from within us is a reflection of who we are, not what may come from it. This is the forgotten component in this equation, we are living as us when we are kind and regardless of what others may say or do, it is we that are truly benefiting. Our character and emotional life need to have the framework to exist and being kind is the absolute best way let out who we truly are.

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