Tuesday, December 1, 2015

When delusions are called truths (#2496)

The belief that many of our political leaders are actually telling the truth is a delusion in itself. Especially on the conservative Republican side there are plenty of examples of leaders trying to influence the electorate by intentionally passing off disinformation, propaganda and out and out lies as truths. These corruptible politicians are only interested in forwarding their agenda instead of solving real problems with facts, common sense and logic. They have sunk so low in their quest to obtain higher office that they are now putting segments of our society at risk. I can present this one recent example of a prominent Republican candidate for President claiming that Planned parenthood is offering up baby parts for sale. She relied on video footage to back her claim. Since her claim about Planned Parenthood has been shown to be based upon a fake video montage, she has nonetheless held firm with her claim. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence no such offering of baby parts from Planned Parenthood is occurring she refuses to deny her false claim. So in the intervening weeks since she has continued to promote her wrongfulness on the fox "news" channel a man has taken her word for it and has committed a murderous atrocity at a Planned Parenthood facility. Words have consequences so this female conservative Republican politician has taken her own strategy of arousing Republicans to her side based upon lies and now deaths. For me I know she is not clinically delusional as far as I can tell but her strategic ambition to win at any cost does have stench of delusion. There should be no reward for her and many of her Republican colleagues who also parrot lies about Planned Parenthood and other social programs designed to help our society. The hate that has to be involved in this type of behavior is beyond shameful now as this type of appeal to our baser instincts has become a Republican staple that has injury and death as it's effect.

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