Monday, January 18, 2016

A day to reflect on the continuing inequality (#2544)

     Why do I rail about inequality? Because I have seen it's effect on good people just trying to make a life out of very little. I have seen how it has destroyed families and crushed dreams of success and happiness. I have seen too much of the harm and pain it has caused. When there isn't enough money to raise a family. Where there isn't enough money to feed and clothe the children decently. Where there isn't enough money to shelter and transport loved ones to and from where they by necessity must go and be. The crushing effect of how most all the money made in our society is divvied up to the wealthiest 100 while the 100's of millions of the rest of us are left with pocket change.
     Today of all days we honor the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for his unswerving crusade to bring people of color out of second class social citizenry and into an equal footing with all others. While he was the impetus to bring to light our national shame of racial prejudice, a larger and more nefarious economical strategy was afoot. There are forces shielded by the republican party who want to keep not only people of color out of first class economic opportunities, but they want to keep all those who are not already wealthy, people of color and white people, from having that same opportunity to become wealthy. They have effectively rigged the economic system so much that there is little to no chance for a bright young enterprising person to navigate the means for creating wealth.
     The wealthy and their republican enablers have made any creative venture dependent upon their decision to allow it to happen by controlling the means of capital. What do I mean? Try to find the money to start up a business and then see how the banks or the money lenders sink their hooks into your dream. When the wealthy control the means for all of us to succeed, we are only giving to them our dreams for the chance to make it happen. Income inequality is real and it is crushing us now. We must reverse the continuing trend of most all the profit being made, going to the wealthiest among us. If we don't then the social advances lead by Dr. King will be of little significance if we continue to find we are realizing less and less money in our pockets.

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