Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A great President (#2539)

     How fortunate it is for me to be living under the leadership of a great man. I have 6 decades of life behind me and count this time as the most inspiring. Truly I was just a very young man during President Kennedy's time in my life and I didn't know the full extent of his leadership to be able to compare with what I, we have now. Since President Kennedy only got to be our leader for nearly 3 years because of his assassination, knowing how our society might have changed is near impossible to tell. But I do have fully 7 plus years under President Obama so far and from where we have come before he was elected to where we are now is remarkable.
     He turned around a soul crushing recession and while we were not quite at a make or break precipice we were too close for comfort. His steady leadership and insightful forethought made the necessary decisions to bring us back to a period of steady economic growth and mature social advances. His unwavering patriotism in defending our nation from those who would destroy us has also been admirable. But for me what has been his greatest trait is his example of what education and the desire to know what we don't know, while caring for all, can accomplish.
     President Obama, like President Kennedy who promised us the moon, has also promised us something just as great as going to the moon. He has awakened in us the motivation to be better than who we are. He has put a mirror up to all of our faces and made us look at not only who we are but who we can be. President Obama has reminded us of our great standing in the world and our greatest gift to the world. A democracy that stands the test of time because it is built upon principles that are true and strong. We are a diverse nation who not only accepts equality and fairness as a foundation for ourselves but will accept nothing less for everyone else on planet Earth.

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