Thursday, January 21, 2016

Admit you are wrong and move on (#2547)

     I have this one down to a science. Even with my best intentions at heart I find that I am inconsistent at times with the actual facts of things. Now I am not saying that I let my philosophy run amok but there are times when I am not as focused on making sure the facts of things are correct. It happened again to me this morning. At least about once or twice a month I find that I am less than stellar in presenting arguments as thoroughly fact checked. I admit this and then rectify whatever I have done in order to step back from where I had erroneously gone. I am human after all and making mistakes is going to happen to the best of intentions we all have.
     I work hard to make sure I am not being flippant or cavalier about important information but like this morning something will slip through for others to notice and then rebut me for presenting it. I am fine with that since the vast majority of the time I am able to present information that is rebuttal proof. But my point is that I am not perfect as anyone with a mind of their own knows but in my case I like to admit it and then move on. Unlike so many in our society, they do not like to admit when they make mistakes. They will instead play wordsmith in an attempt to divert attention or change the subject. I do not accept trying to be something I am not and have a hard time when others do exactly that.
     The growth I have not only sustained but matured into has been singularly because I will not lie nor obfuscate the truth of my actions. It does take a big man, in my case, to admit when he is wrong especially when others tend to hold it as a weapon. I just say that I will do better and refocus my intent upon being more informed and better fact checked the next time I present something as proof or evidence of bad or good policy. In today's world we all find that complexity is the normal and simple is the exception. So there are no shortcuts to conclusions and if I don't apply myself better I will never feel confident enough to trust myself let alone allow anyone else to trust me.

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