Saturday, January 16, 2016

All of us are one within our each individual self (#2542)

     If one of us is happy, I am happy. If one of us is hurting, I am hurting. All of us are all of us in one human being, each. So why would we treat anyone any different than how we would want to be treated? Do we get that we are as tough and as sensitive as all others? Apparently many of us do not subscribe to my definition of who we are, otherwise I wouldn't be talking about how many feel the need to punish those who commit the same crimes they demand leniency for themselves. Or how they demand advantage and privilege while denying the same to others.
     We are all the human being species. For the most part we all have the same five senses. We all the ability to reason, analyze and conclude. We all have the mental capacity to store memory both short and long term. We all have a desire to survive. We all have a need to care. We all have the same variations of blood coursing through our veins to keep us alive. We all need to eat, drink and breathe in order to survive. In essence we are all just about the same even though there are billions of us right now. Of course we do vary in some ways and through some actions but the bottom line is that we are all the same.
     So how do we come together as a unit able to let go the past illogical assumptions that still to this day divide us? Well the only logical way forward is through education. We must all be made aware of our sameness despite the few superficial varieties that make up our wholeness. That we are not all made from the same cookie cutter is refreshing, not a detriment. What that tells me is that we are able to adapt to our environment with alacrity, agility and success. It also tells me that our differences, especially in gender allow us to procreate our species into eternity if we are so fortunate. We are a force together and the future will prove that. We already know that we are a wreck without togetherness, the past has already shown us that.

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