Saturday, January 23, 2016

Being wealthy is not a goal, being a good person is! (#2549)

     This fatalism with chasing an economic dream at all costs is killing off our society. Instead of striving to become a good person too many people are discounting being good in order to be economically successful. Having enough is not good enough for too many people, they want it all or bust. I myself am weary of such people. I find that being a good person is a reward that outweighs any economic price tag. I couldn't quantify the trade off. But then again I strive to have a peace within me that is abundant and fulfilling. There is a karmic value to the cost/benefit analysis. When we give of ourselves to others so that they may have what they need in the moment to improve their lives how do you put a price tag on that, especially when in return I receive a happiness not otherwise attainable?
     Something else to consider is this, when we spend our values on being good, we often find those values returned to us in many surprising ways. The give to receive phenomenon. It is actually a thing that operates within the human dynamic. Surely it defies logic in the cold hard sense of it but not in the emotional world where we humans reside. If you take the time to consider what it takes to become economically wealthy you will find that often there is someone who is being harmed by your gain. Not that all harms are necessarily bad when gambles for fortunes are made but way too many harms are personal and don't involve the harmed in ways that they can defend against.
     Something else to consider is this. When doing good is the goal, often economic value follows. Many work hard for those who have a keen sense of doing good. Those around good people are more likely happier and more readily invest their energy and time into helping good people succeed. I know I do! Everything has a price and what part of our soul are we willing to sell in order to harm for wealth? What part of our humanity are we willing to let slip away in order to have more than we deserve or need? Life is a simple proposition for all of us. Find your happiness and spread it around for others to find their happiness. What greater wealth is there than that?

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