Saturday, January 30, 2016

Destiny needs a nudge (#2556)

     What will be isn't just something left to chance. I have learned that expecting something to happen or change that I know should be is not enough. An effort has to be made in some tangible way for any destiny that we may aspire toward to happen. There is no magical fate that requires all the powers and circumstances within the universe for it to happen on it's own. We must make a choice as to our destiny and then work toward that. Even then the odds of us succeeding are low. This is the nature of who we can become. I am not trying to throw cold water on anyone's hopes and dreams but I am saying that for those hopes and dreams to come true we are all fighting an uphill battle.
     Thus the nudge. I can sit here in my chair and tell myself that a certain thing should be and nothing in the universe should stop it but that is wishful thinking at best. Take for instance the example of love. Many of us know this one. Where in your heart of hearts you know you are to be with someone and then find out that nothing you do will ever change how that someone is supposed to feel about you. Just because we exist does not make for some fairy tale. We have to go out into the world and make our case for what it is that we want or need. It doesn't work out very often but then again it does from time to time.
     I don't know the formula but I do know that just wishing a thing to be is not going to work. Something else that requires thought and action must stem from we who hope to have our dreams come true. Remember also that life is very short in time and wasting time on such procrastinations that are unworthy of our principles and courage is self defeating. If we don't demand of ourselves the effort to reach our destiny then our destiny will never occur. We all want something special to have been the result of our lives, so doing something whether successful or not is our only course of action.

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