Friday, January 29, 2016

Measuring our worth (#2555)

     How do we measure our worth? I find that my worth is measured by my honesty and my values. My convictions and principles for living are my gauge. When I live up to my values and such I find a confidence and a happiness that is brimming. When I don't live up to my values I feel an overwhelming disappointment, a defeated sense of worth. It is that simple for me. Now don't get me wrong, when I was younger and not sure about life in general, I often shirked my responsibilities and took shortcuts that were easy. What I found though was that I had cut myself off from defending what was right about me because I was too deep in living what was wrong about me. The bigger picture escaped me until I realized that I wasn't part of creating a better society, I was what was dragging the existing society down.
     My worth is measured by how I stand up and defend and fight for what I know is right while doing my best to avoid doing any harm. I live to be more the ideal of the good that can be shown as a human being than I am about any self indulgence we all are tempted by. I have known self indulgence so my perspective about it in comparison to being a better human is grounded in personal perspective. Self indulgence, although captivating for a moment is fleeting and without honorable intent. Whereas being a good human being who is willing to sacrifice much in order to protect the value of honorable principles is eternal and in a surprising way, very self fulfilling.
     My worth is measured by me and that which is measured is within the parameters of what I think and do. What I have found if it is of any help is that anything that I may be doing is not easy. Anything that needs to be done right doesn't have shortcuts to it. In fact if it isn't difficult or hard then I know something isn't right. Not that all good things come solely from difficult struggle but for the most part anything worth fighting for or having is most likely the result of tremendous effort.

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