Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My generation has been exceptional (#2545)

     There is still work to do but the foundation is there to build from. Nothing is cast in stone and all options are available. That is our legacy. Generations before ours also did well in allowing us to continue modernity in creative ways. From the burgeoning enlightenment of the 1300's and onward we have forged our path with a will for a better future for all of us. The few who resist are the ones with the most to lose in their reality of privilege and advantage, otherwise our destinies would be much further along. Yet we keep moving forward with our idealism and pragmatic solutions.
     The generations that come up behind us will have quite a legacy to continue but I have little doubt that we have taught them well enough to keep moving toward a more democratic union. Not only in our politics but in our economics and social values. Our scientists and our artists can see the value in the creative process and with logic and common sense to guide them they should be able to make the generations that follow them proud as well. If I have learned any one thing out of being alive it is that the human spirit is amazing. We have our mental acuity and our passions but our will to learn and grow is unequivocal.
     As I am fortunate enough to still be here I see the ending of our time which causes me to reflect on the beginning of it. There was so much hope and promise for our futures. We had our idealism firmly rooted in our actions and as time wore on the obstructive nature of the privileged class was not enough to relieve us of our principles. We are still fighting that privileged class but the field is ours if and when we decide to take it. Great events are still to come that will shake our current ineffectual reality to antiquity and if I am not around to see it I can rest assured it will happen regardless.

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