Monday, January 4, 2016

My spirituality coexists with my logic and common sense (#2530)

First, let's begin by making it clear that I do not "believe" in organized religion at all. There is nothing about the idea of a God that appeals to me. If there were some sovereign being who controlled all of the universe and history surely this being would have manifested some evidence of it beyond us just having to take it's hypothetical word for it. Faith is not enough of anything toward what I would call evidence of a rational being. However, that being said, I do not discount the idea of a God being because I am an intelligent human being and we never discount that which we cannot verify as fact. So I can neither verify that there is a God nor can I verify that there isn't a God. What I can do is use myself and how I interact within the universe to understand my own sense of spirituality. I do have an emotional connection with life and an awe for existence. Taken together, my emotion and my natural curiosity stem the basis for my spirituality. Not knowing seems to be the essence of what religion bases its foundation upon and so it is with my spirituality. I don't know why I have this soulful connection with the universe but that I do tells me that I have more to learn. I use the scientific method for learning and although I am not the most brilliant man who ever lived I do care to remember and add to my comprehensive knowledge. But it is knowledge that is not dogma nor tradition, it is observable and logical fact. I am a biological data processor, with 5 sensors, extended long term memory with the ability to reason, analyze and conclude. That I am also the aforementioned biological species tells me that I am more than just a clump of molecules and atoms. I am an evolved species from many of the combined elements that make up our universe. I am part of the universe so therefore I am joined in a way that feels like home.

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