Thursday, January 14, 2016

Privatization of health care is wrong (#2540)

     As with all things that are privatized, making a profit comes first. So if profit comes first, health care necessarily comes in at no better than second. If my health is dependent upon whether a corporation can make a profit I will lose out if profit cannot be made in order to heal me. A lot like what we had before the current Obamacare law went into effect. If you could afford to pay for high premiums for a health care plan then you were one of the few in our nation, not one of the many who could afford to see a doctor. If you could afford to pay for prescriptions then you were one of the few in our country not one of the many who could afford to pay for life saving medicine.
     The idea that wealth should be the determining factor as to whether our society can afford to live with ailments and diseases that have no barrier to whom they attack, is an idea born of selfishness. By the nature of how a functioning society works we are at the mercy of each other's afflictions because of our proximity to each other. Now not all ailments are communicable through contact and many afflictions are hereditary. Yet as we continue to commingle we are necessarily interacting in ways that make us all vulnerable to ailments and diseases specifically attracted to human beings.
     The logic of keeping a privatized health care system can only conclude in only some receiving health care while the many will be unable to have proper diagnosis and treatment. We will in effect become a killing field by default and as well as an infected society unable to treat itself. As it was prior to Obamacare, we had some health care not wholly in the private sector, such as medicare and medicaid. We helped the old and the poor with methods for health care that at least gave some diagnosis and treatment where available under specific, albeit varying state rules. The time has come for the patchwork approach we have as a nation on the subject of health care to end and for a fresh new start with a health care system that answers to all of our citizens regardless of wealth or privilege.

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