Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Republicans like the stick, Democrats like the carrot (#2538)

     The old analogy of using the stick and the carrot to get people or animals to do what you want them to do is what I am talking about here. The carrot signifies giving people good incentives to accomplish goals within a society, whereas the stick is either suffering or force to make people change. Republicans like the stick approach. It is a nasty and brutish method to instituted to humiliate and harm people in order to get them to do what republicans want. Notwithstanding that the system is mostly unfair in how opportunity is deployed.
     Democrats on the other hand like the carrot approach. When we offer folks incentives and help in order to improve their lives we are validating our respect for them. By seeking to make opportunity for all a common occurrence we are fighting to obliterate privilege and advantage that exists for too few without being merited. When we democrats seek to offer hope and fairness to our citizenry we are establishing that our society is one of promise and modernity, not one of inequality and condescension.
     We have too many old holdovers of unequal policies in our society that keep our citizenry from a prosperous and fulfilling life and yet republicans choose to punish them for that despite the institutional obstruction. We democrats want to break down those institutional barriers to that an even starting point for all of us can be our reality. Once we have modernized our politics, economy and social institutions toward full democracy we will find that the worst of our difficulties will begin to change for the better.
     The democratic carrot approach toward accomplishment is worthy and logical given that such inequality in our society is prevalent. The republican stick approach toward accomplishment is based upon force and harm. Do I really need to tell anyone here the effect that force and harm have upon the cause of modern human advancement?

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