Sunday, January 3, 2016

Selfishness and force, Republican ideals (#2529)

Wanting it all and if necessary taking it all is what republicans aspire toward. Now not all republican voters are that way but what they don't recognize is that their chosen political affiliation does, and it makes them culpable through association. When you enable behavior that you may not necessarily approve of you are still aligning with it as a silent advocate. I have little sympathy for those who say that they are ethical and caring while supporting a political party that is anathema to principles of democracy. So when I lump all republicans into the category of being selfish and brutish, it is because by either direct or indirect means the outcome is still the same.
     Hatred is a self loathing strain that has no roots in reality. What we don't like about others is just a mutated transference of what we don't like about ourselves. So look in the mirror and tell all of us that selfishness and force is better than equality of opportunity, fairness and justice for all! Our society could be a tremendous one where we all can participate on the same level and then let our individual or collective natures deserve the merit that is created. Advantage and privilege are not democratic principles yet it seems too many who like to take shortcuts in life will not let advantage and privilege go to the wastebin of history.
     Selfishness and force are undemocratic yet that is exactly what all republican voters are standard bearers of so don't play innocent to those of us who see your role in the devaluation of our precious democracy. There is no safe harbor or ignorance of guilt that can be parlayed. The time for playing dumb is long past gone. You either respect and defend our democracy or you are what is ailing it. I for one will never let any of you republican voters off the hook for your choices. Our future as a beacon of light to the world is at stake and offending you republicans is the least of my concerns. Take note!

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