Sunday, January 24, 2016

The separation of church and state (#2550)

     Religious beliefs are abundant so our founders made it clear that our state would sponsor no religion while at the same time not restricting any religion to be practiced. A very wise and calculated concept enshrined in the first amendment of our constitution. There is no logical debate about how the meaning of, "The first amendment to the United states Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion...", is interpreted. Our constitution is clear as to the intent of a secular government that allows for any religion to be practiced.
     Now that we are in firm understanding that our nation is not established upon any particular religion we should be able to move forward with laws that apply to all equally. That we have some laws that are not applied equally is because there are elements within our governmental structure who deny the clear and concise message of the first amendment to our national Constitution. We the people who vote most of the governmental public servants into office are the problem. Yet some are appointed and that rests solely on our representatives for appointing to public office people who are not in full compliance with our constitution. Namely federal and Supreme court justices.
     This coming election in November of 2016 will go a long way toward determining if we will be able to continue to relieve federal and Supreme court justices of their duties given the timing of either retirement or natural expiration of their souls. As to we the people, a better effort at informing our electoral citizenry as to the nature and intent of our constitution needs to be priority number one. Democracy demands from us our attention to what it is and how to maintain it. If we want our democracy to function as our founders intended then the correct course of action is realize what our constitution is telling us.

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