Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The wild west and survival of the fittest (#2531)

Open carry and selfishness are the thrill for Republicans. Our nation is being inundated with this paradigm on too many levels. How have we come backwards so far in so short a time? For me, I have concluded that it has to do with greed and prejudice. When one has no desire to be intelligent the rule of force is the next option. Reverting back to our baser animal instincts seems to be the tonic for those who are swept up in the charismatic allure of outrage. Outrage based upon their view that they are not the problem, all "others" are. So instead of continuing the great modern progression of intellectual wealth, they choose to stand their ground with their weapons and insulting behavior. Among themselves they see themselves as courageous warriors against a government that doesn't allow them privilege and advantage as much as it had previously.
     They have been "forced" to accept equality with the "others" and it grates at their biased inculcation. They were raised to hate "others" and the idea of sharing a world with "others" on an even playing field is not to be allowed. Although their hypocrisy is evident through their own beneficial attainments through "others" they will not give credit where credit is due since it would undermine the foundation for their illusory aggrievement. They demand only particular equality and justice as long as that particular equality and justice favor them. Otherwise they will not allow our society to progress as it should with all having the same opportunities to pursue happiness.
     The republican party has become their ally and fox "news" their media spokesperson. They get laws passed that support their ideal of demanding liberty for themselves while denying liberty for "others". How this plays out in this year's presidential election will surely make or break this outlaw paradigm that republicans have embraced as all of our path forward. We democrats had better be prepared to exercise what is left of our vote and force back the ugliness of our past and reclaim our future of a modern and intellectually high grounded society.

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