Monday, January 11, 2016

What you do while you are alive is what matters (#2537)

I have an emotional passion inside of me that is bigger than the universe itself. I say that because physical entities have boundaries whereas my sense of love has no boundary. Inside of me is the greatest gift I could ever imagine. An emotional harmonic peace with all that exists. So you see my life is fulfilled while I am living. I am no different from anyone else yet so many cannot seem to find their inner love. I suppose it is because they spend all their time trying to tell others what to do or instead chasing some sense of worth. I have no such desire to do either. I am seeking beauty and all that is yet discovered. It takes up all my time.
     Life is not that difficult to figure out. Just remember your innocence and seek your inner happiness. I know we have to face the ugliness of the world when it pops it's head up but that shouldn't change who we are. I can compartmentalize having to fight ugliness with ugliness but only until the ugliness has been vanquished. It is a price we pay for being in a chaotic existence where the best of who we are is denied by too many of us. Never forgetting that who we are is what we fight to preserve. A being charged with curiosity and compassion. A worthy being when we are in tune with each other.
     So the record of my life is being recorded for who or what I don't know but I know that at least I know. Everything I do is a conscience choice by me to make. What will decide what choice I shall make? For me it is simple. Love. The greatest thing a human being has ever known or will ever know. All else is just animal, mineral or vegetable. So what we do while we are alive is what matters. Are we doing what is best about us?

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