Wednesday, January 6, 2016

When individual selfishness overrules societal good (#2532)

We have this paradigm right now. There are republican voters who think that their rights are greater than the rights of the rest of us. That somehow, in their way of thinking, they deserve everything to favor them while not caring a whit about how that affects others. I often hear this meme of "pulling yourself up by your bootstraps" in order to justify freedom from an obligation to support our society. Yet these same souls expect a helping hand when it is their turn for unforeseen trouble. A hypocritical stance and one reminiscent of someone else pulling up their bootstraps for them. Take for instance the recent natural disaster in Texas. A state full of republican politicians who voted against helping New Jersey residents from receiving federal relief for the disaster that struck them from Hurricane Sandy. But now that Texas has experienced it's own natural disaster through torrential flooding, they are demanding federal relief.
     That these republican politicians are not held to accountability for their hypocrisies is unfathomable and derelict on behalf of Texas voters. What does it say about our society that politicians can pick and choose which sides of an issue to defend without facing a consequence? Are our principles for electing politicians so irrelevant that lying out of one side of one's mouth while lying out of the other is a preferred trait? Is the idea of the individual politician having a greater say in our lives so important to us that we will blindly follow whatever comes out of their mouths? I had always thought that politicians represented us, not the other way around.
     When the good of the society is a pedestrian afterthought as compared to the prioritizing of selfishness as a rule, we will find strife and anguish are the outcome for most while the gorge of power, privilege and advantage remain with the few. It is not good enough to relegate our conscience to those who seek to destroy community and cooperation. We must not allow the bluster of separate and unequal diatribes to fuel the negative emotions we all carry beneath the surface of our dignity. When we lose our honor and our democratic principles for living the nobility of our future is gone.

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