Tuesday, February 23, 2016

An unleashed mind (#2580)

     Where do our thoughts come from? How do we see our whole lives playing out? Is there something within us that has not yet been discovered? These are the questions I often ask of myself. There is a stubborn will within me that refuses to accept that I can't be as great as I am in my dreams. Defying gravity, exerting tremendous strength and above all else rationalizing every situation and circumstance perfectly. Now I know hoping to accomplish even a smidge of this would be incredible but incredulity at my aspirations is not enough to make me stop trying to be more than currently am.
     I, we have evolved from the little tiny human being at our birth to a much larger and sophisticated being as we get older. It isn't a stretch to think that we can't also evolve the parts of our minds that are less active at this stage of our evolution. What is possible is that our minds can become more attune to our bodies actuating new functions for mental response. Now I know this may seem like science fiction, like the myth that we only use about 10% of our brains, http://www.snopes.com/science/stats/10percent.asp, however how we use our brains is still an evolution. We have not hit the ceiling in absolute functionability. In fact, studies have shown culture is an intervening factor, http://news.mit.edu/2008/psychology-0111.
     All this to say that we have not arrived yet at what we can accomplish with our minds and our bodies in more unifying way. It is not the fantastical science fiction I imagine is possible but it is a step closer to something quite rational yet to be revealed. Which by my way of thinking is the direction I want to evolve toward. I will not allow an entrenched philosophy of nurturing fear to replace the possibilities that may exist and while I am alive I will never stop reaching deeper into what is possible in my own mind.

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