Thursday, February 11, 2016

Christianity cannot exist with right wing conservatism (#2568)

     It is impossible for me to reconcile Christianity and right wing conservatism as existing at the same time in the same person. For me they are mutually exclusive. They cannot exist at the same time unless one is experiencing a cognitive dissonance. Christianity is all about love, fairness and mercy:, while right wing conservatism is all about segregation through unequal hierarchy and anti-social ideals:
     It seems to me that the ignorance of anyone who would call themselves right wing Christian is evident. So for a large portion of our electorate to be beholden to such an absurd concept is indicative of a lack of critical thinking skills. How has this happened? I would presume to say that the lack of a concentrated focus throughout our education systems in all 50 of our states is likely the cause. As well there is also no real truth in advertising laws here in America that protect us from misleading and inaccurate messages delivered over our news feeds and other media outlets.
      What is the cure for those who are deceived into thinking that right wing conservatism and Christianity can coexist together? More education. Teaching the rules of logic and how logic can explain fact from fiction. There is so much we are not learning in our schools and the way conservatives are now underfunding schools and attacking the enlightenment of modernization that I fear it will get worse before it gets better. My best hope is that we have not yet crossed the tipping point into hopelessness. It may still be possible to expose right wing conservatism for what it truly is, ie... a hateful ideology that seeks to crush our souls.

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