Monday, February 15, 2016

I can be many things but I choose which (#2572)

     I was thinking the other day about who I was and what occurred to me is that I am many things. I am not someone who can be easily labeled. Funny how it has taken a good part of my life being lived for me to realize that I have many differing aspects about myself. I used to think that I was only this 3 dimensional person that had a constant but limited substance within me. What I have found though is that I have a lot of substance within me. In fact I have all possibilities within me. I just don't want to be seduced by all that is within me. Instead I want only that within me that makes me feel good about the whole of myself with some humbled pride in who I reflect back out to the universe.
     I get to choose who I am and what I think and do. I am not a subject to any other or any force beyond my control within the laws of physics. So when something within me tempts me with it's allure, I reason, analyze and conclude as to whether I want that temptation to continue. It is up to me to choose is what I am saying here. In that sense, I become the one responsible for all my actions. Surely situations and circumstances dictate that I must modify my choices given forces outside my control, but even those are still controlled by however I decide to proceed. Given my own sense of principled behavior, I understand the limits my choices offer simply because I only try to accept options that align with my honorable intentions.
     I chose to follow a set of principles that best define my own personal nature. It was and is up to me to filter out those things that are not in agreement with my happiness or the happiness of others. When I first started out in life I was an open book full of blank pages. Now that I am much further along in my life the majority of pages that were blank are now full and the remaining blank pages have an outline to consider that will be followed as long as I remain consistently true to myself.

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