Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Invest in society, not individual greed! (#2566)

     Here is the economic difference between democrats and republicans. Democrats want our society on whole to improve by easing and eliminating the ill effects of runaway capitalism. Republicans on the other hand think that capitalism should have few if any restraints on its function. I am not saying anything unique here. This is the jist of each party's goals. Personally, for myself I like the idea of improving society on whole since if we are all in this together we all benefit according to our merit, or put another way, according to our talent and effort. Since for me the whole purpose of having or being part of a society is to attain a level of happiness that can sufficiently give us contentment.
     On the other hand we have republicans. Who choose the survival of the fittest regimen. A winner take all if at all possible. Everyone out for themselves, through a system that has uneven privileges and advantages built into it. If you are fortunate enough to be born wealthy then the odds are much more favorable for you to succeed. If you are born poor, which by the way most all of us are, the odds much higher to overcome in order to attain economic success. But that is irrelevant to republicans since the survival of the fittest philosophy has no emotional stake nor duty of care for those who do not "win" at becoming economically successful.
     Now don't get me wrong here. I am no loser despite how republicans gauge me through economic success. I choose to put my effort into helping create a more equitable, fair and just society so my own individual success is measured differently in my mind. I do not live in the small box of capitalism as a do all take all. Instead I live in an open space where democracy is my guiding principle for living and being part of a society that thinks of greater things than it's own individual ability to be selfish. In the democratic society I support we have capitalism but we control it so that all may participate in being creative and innovative based upon our merit. Where none of us is left without an opportunity to find the happiness we should all aspire toward.

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