Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Making peace with our planet (#2574)

     For most of the decades I have been alive I have purposely reduced my carbon footprint. Steadily from when I was just a teenager to now that I am in my 60's. This has not been a new phenomenon to me. I have been hearing about the dire effects of manmade climate change and waste products we are continuing to fill our environment here on Earth with since I was a child. Now I could be like a lot of people and just ignore the future of our planet given that I am finite and my life will be over before any real damage is done. However I am not that selfish cad! I actually want to leave our planet and our imaginations with a better opportunity to flourish and evolve.
     I respect all cultures who have been good examples for me. The reverence I have learned and the respect I have inculcated is liberating. This existence and my being here is truly remarkable, not something I take for granted or fail to realize. There is a noble purpose to understanding that I am just a visitor here and my presence is given a free will to choose my own way to express my gratitude. A purposeful life can be wrought from less than that. As such I am well aware of the greed and selfishness around me that wreaks havoc on our planet by choice or by ignorance. It is not up to me to make everyone come to peace with our planet but make no mistake I will choose that for myself.
    Making peace with our planet is a mindset that incorporates all aspects of my living. From transportation to housing to food and water and all other aspects I am partnered. All aspects of my life are guided by what effect my actions may have on either a positive or negative climate footprint. Now I know at this time and place I cannot live in a zero/sum existence with my carbon footprint, however I can diminish it as best I can. My leisure and recreation are of my own doing and more readily controlled. My work and survival in a capitalistic society often takes choices from me I would rather implement. Yet, as I continue to move through time and space I never stop in my ambition to leave a better world with an ever lessening carbon footprint.

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