Monday, February 1, 2016

Protecting our democracy (#2558)

     The only civilized way we have of protecting our democracy is through our vote. No other way is possible. So for anyone to discount the right to vote as irrelevant has been fooled. Fewer things we do as citizens is as important. The status of our society as a democratic one has always been under assault by those who feel that not everyone should be able to have a say in how we are governed. The wealthy for the most part have been the impetus for changing our society from a democratic one that believes in equality of opportunity, fairness and justice to a society that is more oligarchic, where the wealthy rely on privilege and advantage while they decide for the rest of us with condescension.
     By voting we legally keep the wealthy from changing the founding principles of democracy and thereby protect the ideal that we are all citizens worthy of the same rights. By voting we can also elect politicians of political parties that agree with our vision for a better future. We have a better chance of effecting smart and efficient change when we all participate in our electoral process. Many have already been excluded from voting due to misguided and tactically nefarious lawmaking by a political party, republican. They have control of many states where voting can be adversely affected through restrictive state laws that obstruct the more vulnerable in our society through underhanded disenfranchisement.
     The only practical way to protect our democracy is through our right to vote. If a political party is not advocating for more citizens to be involved in our voting process then that political party should not get the vote of those of us left who still have the right to vote. For once we condone a political party's agenda of eliminating eligible voters from the rolls we are as complicit as they are. Democracy is a sacred trust we have with each other and anyone who attempts to destroy that trust we have with each other is looking to conquer the whole of us and should not be allowed that dishonorable perfidy.

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