Sunday, February 7, 2016

Reality is not nirvana, it is hard work (#2564)

     We are not born into a perfect American democratic or otherwise society, instead we are born into a very flawed one. I say this because so many of our young, middle aged and older citizens are devoid of the knowledge of it. They seem to think that most everyone is of good intent and that others will solve large problems in their stead. It is a dream life for them, to have only to work and play or manipulate some way to exist in our highly flawed capitalistic economy. Their goal is to only be enlightened enough to either accept an illusion for our existence or disregard that we have evolved beyond the drudgery of only existing to work and die. I put this at the feet of fear and call it what it is, cowardice in the face of that fear.
     The status quo seems to be good enough for too many and even that status quo seems to have too much progress in it. It is so embarrassing being part of a society that would rather bend knee to greedy bullies and illogical psychopath/sociopaths. Yet here we are, afraid to be heroes all. Let us consider our actions. We allow ourselves the idea that we exist in a democracy but fail for the most part to be active in it. We don't study the political issues, we don't hold our candidates for office to at least a standard of honorability, we don't even bother to cast a ballot when the voting time comes.
     So as I wind down toward the end of my life I am of two minds about this. First is why should I care any longer to fight the good fight for democratic principles if too many of us don't care to fight along with me. Especially since I won't be here much longer to have to suffer the anguish of the coming suppression and harm. My second mind though is the one which is my path. Regardless of what anyone else in the world does, I am me and I have my own honorable principles to uphold. These honorable principles of mine would never let me quit or be defeated without a fight. I will continue to advocate for democratic principles up until my dying breath because like everyone else I still have a choice.

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