Monday, February 29, 2016

Shameful media validating ridiculousness (#2586)

     What is happening in our American national election cycle this time is horrendous. The republican party has nothing of value to offer our nation toward modernization so instead they offer ridicule and brutishness. It is obvious since all anyone has to do is ask this question, what does the republican party have to offer by way of working/middle/poor class policies? None is the answer. So why does the media validate them as an opposition party with gravitas? I suppose that generally the short answer is that the media is under pressure to give we American people the consistent choice between differing candidates.
     But not pointing out the obvious harmful platform of this republican party to our nation as a whole is to abdicate their role as an independent institution. By "under pressure" I am stating that the corporate owned media is doing the bidding of it's few wealthy owners who are the true beneficiaries of republican politics. It is abhorrent that the media is putting both parties on an even footing when the democrats are heads and shoulders above the republicans in addressing the needs of our still recovering nation from the last disastrous republican controlled economy. The omission of the historical timelines of republican failures on the national stage is appalling and by association the media has now aligned themselves with republicans.
     What is being hurt here is democracy when the national media refuses to distinguish between the intents of the parties and instead focus on yellow journalism and mediocre sensationalism. All any of us needs is the truth of our reality. When we are being denied that by forces eager to selfishly manipulate us then the time is upon us to reexamine all possible solutions to correct the current imbalance of fiction, back toward truth. Our pride as a nation cannot stand if we are not being told the truth of things. Our national media needs a swift kick in some physical way in order to instill independence and trust back into it.

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